"To improve the standard of living for all by innovating, empowering and serving - excellently and ethically".

Humility | Accountability | Empowerment

One Stone Capital (Pty) Limited and its team (“OSC”) have extensive collective global experience in the advisory and finance sector.  

One Stone Capital’s core service offering consists of:   


  • Corporate strategy consulting services for large corporate and government

  • Transaction advisory services which apply a sound understanding of strategic imperatives to merger and acquisition advisory activities

  • Capital Raising / Corporate Finance – Africa is gaining in global prominence and there are increasing numbers of major investors who are struggling to obtain adequate returns in the developed world. One Stone Capital has experience in liaising with some of the largest investors in the world. These relationships could be leveraged for capital raising.


One Stone Capital’s core purpose is “to improve the standard of living for all by innovating, empowering and serving excellently and ethically”:  


  •  Innovating – Clients need to move into new markets and must explore the opportunities and risks associated with moving into these markets as well as have a practical means of implementing the chosen strategy successfully

  • Empowering – what are the strengths that exist within the clients business that need to be unlocked in order to unleash its full potential? Objective and concise advice can be empowering.

  • Serving – by having our clients’s interest at heart and having the humility to take the time to understand the context in which it operates, One Stone Capital aims to provide clients with excellent service



The One Stone Capital Team’s experience and areas of focus are firmly rooted in the realities of major business in Africa and the rest of the world


Financial Services  

The One Stone Capital team has extensive experience in the financial services industry gleaned from various strategies, transactional and finance-related assignments, particularly in retail banking and asset management. Team members have listed Africa’s first ETFs on the New York Stock Exchange, performed advisory work on the establishment of a new SA bank, worked with South African Post Bank in researching and developing products aimed at reaching millions of unbanked South Africans


Mining and Resources  

Team members have client and transaction experience across a range of commodities, with particular expertise in diamonds, gold, Ni-PGEs, diamonds, copper and ferro-metals, including exotic metals such as manganese In the African context, strategic advisory and corporate finance services have a special focus on transformation and black empowerment, supporting both large companies on their BEE strategies, and emerging black companies on their entry into new mining businesses



Members of our team have performed various assignments in the energy industry in South Africa and the rest of Africa, covering power generation (including conventional and clean-coal technologies, CCGT gas, hydro and nuclear power generation projects), gas transmission and distribution, and petroleum pipeline projects During 2004 and 2005 we served as the primary financial advisors to Eskom, a leading global power company, in respect of their 2010 base load generation capacity project approval process



Our team has extensive experience in strategy and transactional assignments with local and international telecommunications and technology companies including Vodacom, Eskom Enterprises, AT&T, Cable & Wireless and Ericsson Our past transactional mandates have included the South African SNO, Lesotho Telecommunications, and telecommunications project assessments in Kenya, Cameroon, Zimbabwe and Nigeria. Advisory assignments have included various strategy projects in fixed line and mobile telecommunications including issues such as market entry strategy, customer segmentation, organisational design, Africa strategy and new “data” products analysis



Features of Africa-Specific Experience that has been converted into Global Success

Team members have;

M&A client mandate experience in 16 African counties besides SA, including Francophone and North-Africa countries;

Client mandate activities performed include:

  • Strategic market assessment

  •  Legal and regulatory review

  •  Country risk assessment

  •  Entity commercial, financial and legal due diligence

  • Financial modelling

  • Valuation

  •  Business planning

  • Privatisation bid preparation

  •  Deal structure

  • Negotiating support and term sheet development

  • Capital raising

  •  International relationship with the world’s largest global entities that could be leveraged to the benefit of our client



Excellent and consistent pioneering organic growth and M+A activity must be preceded by robust strategy 

  • Pre-2008 Investment Banking giants were able to execute mergers and acquisitions using the leverage of their typically enormous balance sheets.

  • That competitive advantage in the light of the latest Basel and other global banking regulations has shifted the emphasis from sheer might of balance sheet to well researched, contextual strategy guiding mergers and acquisitions as merely one of a number of options facing businesses seeking pre-eminence

  • Today the imperative will belong to those corporate advisors, like One Stone Capital, who assist their clients to consolidate and formulate the strategic imperatives of their organisations by systematically analyzing and consolidating the strategic objective of the organisation. These will imply certain business processes and question needs to be asked as to whether current business processes are adequate or not.

  • The key business processes have implications in terms of systems (including technology), resources and staff. One Stone Capital can assist clients in determining whether these should be grown, bought or hired or various combinations of the three.

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